How to Create a Scorers Table in Microsoft Excel

As a school administrator, coach or sports booster club member, you’re always looking for ways to raise the bar on your athletic programs. While banners and program guides can help, your next step may be a digital scorer’s table. Located along the sidelines of a basketball court, a scorer’s table is where the official scorers and statisticians sit during a game. The people at the table have many responsibilities, all centered around keeping track of the action. While a Scorers Table might seem like a safe place for athletes to run into, there are times when it can be dangerous. This is particularly true if the scorer’s table is situated right in front of players, which can cause them to fall or jump into it during the game. The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Scorers Table for Your Basketball Games A Scorers Table displays a comparison of scores from different rater groups for specific questions (also called “items”) in a scoring category. The tables also have messages that vary based on the comparison and help the subjects identify areas where they can improve their performance. To create a Scorers Table, use the Menu Bar to open the Management panel and click Scoring. If you’re using a string Point Table, make sure that the text in your Custom Field matches the scoreable text exactly. Also, if you’re using a Select From List or Yes/No Value Custom Field type, pair it with the same option in your Point Table to standardize input options.