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Best Telescopes for Viewing Planets and galaxies in 2021

In the next ten years, it is highly likely that the first of the best telescopes to be launched into space will be the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. This will be the first generation of telescopes to be able to view deep space and perform long-term research – ‘Odyssey Magazine‘. The concept of this new generation of high-tech space telescopes was borne from the efforts of the European Space Agency and NASA. NASA is currently working on a new space observatory called the Widefield galaxy my survey (WAGLS). WAGLS is set to run for ten years and is designed to take advantage of existing optical surveys of galaxies. While WAGLS will not have the ability to view extrasolar planets or to study supernovae explosions, it will be the first of its kind to do both.

Best Best Telescopes For Viewing Planets And Galaxies In 2021 Android/iPhone Apps

It is hoped that in order to launch the first of the best telescopes to be launched into orbit around the sun in the twenty-first century, a first prototype of such a device would be launched. It is possible that such a prototype could be built by private industry in either the Seaweed Islands of Japan or Lanzarote, Canary Islands or Mexico. Such a device could then be used for ground testing of all components prior to flight.

Even with technology such as supercomputers in processing systems and a huge budget for research it is still not clear whether or not we will ever see another breakthrough in the field of astronomy during the first decade of the new century. However, it is becoming apparent that we may be close to this point in the future. As each day passes we will learn more about the properties of space, and more telescopes will join the ranks of the best telescopes for viewing planets and galaxies in 2021.

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