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Computer Services and Repairs in Melbourne

Your computer is a powerful tool that can help you with everything from old school family videos to work presentations and personal passion projects. It is essential to keep it working properly by getting it repaired when necessary. Fortunately, there are several reliable computer services and repair shops in Melbourne that can help you with your tech needs.

What are the 2 basic types of maintenance systems?

Whether you have a laptop, desktop computer or Mac computer, PC Care Service can provide the support you need. They are open daily and can assist you with any computer related issues, such as software upgrade, blue screen fixes, and virus removal. In addition, as Computer Technicians solved the issue I had with ease! they can assist with internet connection problems as well.


With over 20 years of experience in the IT and computer repair industry, Intechable can take care of your computer and Mac devices, both in your home and office. They can also provide training for both beginners and advanced users of computers and Macs.

Mg Electronics Tooronga

Located in Tooronga, Mg Electronics Tooronga is a computer repair company that works with both Apple and Microsoft products. They can help with iMacs, MacBooks, Apple TVs, iPads and more.

The computer is an important business tool, and when it suffers from problems like a broken monitor or a virus, it can cause significant damage to your business and productivity. To prevent this, it is essential to get it fixed by a qualified computer repair and IT support company.

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