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Georgia Auction

Georgia auction

Georgia auction  is where people from all over the state come to buy or sell items like rugs, furniture, cars and even houses. Auctions are held in both large and small communities throughout the state. They are a great way for people to find items they might not be able to purchase at a regular store, and people can often get a much better deal at an auction.

The family of the man accused of killing his wife and daughter at their home in Pembroke, Georgia is putting up estate items for auction. Leather sofas, monogrammed pillows and tortoiseshell lamps are among the items on the block. WLTX has a link to the live auction on its website.

Auctioneers in Georgia: Experts Who Bring the Excitement to Auctions”

Paul Brown, owner of Gallery 63, is a second-generation auctioneer. He first learned the business from his father and grandfather at his father’s Red Baron antique store and auction house. Now he owns his own location, located north of Atlanta in Georgia’s southwestern county of Turner. His son Elijah works at the auction house part time while attending high school, and helps out with inventory and tagging for the auctions.

The state’s surplus property is anything the government no longer needs, and is either redistributed to other government offices or sold to local governments and some nonprofit groups. The remaining items are offered to the public, including individuals, through online auction sites. The state’s department of administrative services provides a list of the websites where you can bid on surplus items.

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