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Getting Your Recipe Cards Ready For Printing

recipe card

A recipe card is a vital tool for any professional chef to preserve his culinary artistic genius. It also serves as a primary source in training the culinary or kitchen staff to replicate the techniques and flavorful criteria of any given dish.

Getting your recipe cards ready for printing is a simple process with the help of a good design and a high-quality printer. Once your recipe cards are ready, you can put them in a binder or a recipe book to ensure that they’re always accessible.

Use a photo to make your recipe card unique and appealing. It’s easy to upload a ready-to-use picture or choose one from Canva’s image library (we have more than a million images) and drag it into your design.

The Lost Art of Recipe Cards: Why They Still Matter in the Digital Age

You can also create a recipe card without a photo if you’re looking to add a little more texture or design to your recipe card. We’ve included a few free templates for you to download and edit, as well as our popular Bold recipe card template.

When designing your recipe cards, you should keep in mind the dimensions of your recipes. Using the right dimensions will ensure that your recipe card will fit in your recipe collection.

In addition to the recipe itself, your restaurant recipe cards should also contain the name of the dish and the chef who created it. This will allow workers to identify the right person to ask if they have any questions about the recipe.

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