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Hantek Oscilloscope Review – 3 Reasons to Buy a Hantek Oscilloscope

Hantek is a well-known brand that makes USB and PC-based oscilloscopes that are popular with beginners because of their ease of use and low price point. Today we’re going to take a look at three different hantek oscilloscope models that are all available for under $200.

The first one we’ll look at is the Hantek 2D72. It’s a 3-in-1 measurement tool that combines an oscilloscope, a digital multimeter, and a signal generator into a single device. This unit comes in a few different versions, but we’ll be looking at the 2D72 version that has a 40MHz bandwidth and includes a waveform generator.

Unveiling the Power of Hantek Oscilloscopes: A Comprehensive Review

It’s a very compact device that can be used handheld or placed on your workbench. It’s also quite easy to use, so even beginners will be able to get up and running in no time at all. The display is a nice 2.8-inch full-color LCD screen and the controls are intuitive and straightforward. The blue keys allow you to switch between the oscilloscope, DMM, and function generator screens while the F or menu buttons show the respective menus on each screen.

The unit has an impressive list of features including a high sampling rate, a wide variety of trigger modes and a very good frequency response analysis feature. It also has a hold off function that will prevent the oscilloscope from triggering for a specified period of time after each pulse. Finally, it has a super cool HELP system that provides relevant on-screen help at the press of a button.

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