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Heat Treatment Services for Metals and Alloys

Heat treatment services perform thermal treatments on metals and alloys to alter their properties, including their strength, durability, hardness, and more. This type of industrial process has a wide range of applications and is incredibly important for many industries to ensure quality products that can withstand repeated use.

What does a heat treating company do?

Metal heat treating service involves heating and cooling a metal or metal alloy to change its physical and mechanical properties, without changing its shape. This is used to make the material stronger or help meet specific product performance objectives like restoring ductility after cold forming, improving machinability, and more.

The three main types of metal heat treatment are annealing, case hardening, and tempering. Each method has its own specific set of characteristics, but the general process is to slowly raise the temperature of the steel or metal and then rapidly cool it to land on the desired property. These processes can take a great deal of experience and training to get right. The equipment you use also has a big impact on the results. The size, type and mixture of the gas in the heating chamber and the quenching media are all critical to landing on the exact properties you want.

With the right equipment, you can make your metals easier to work with and more durable. This can reduce stress on parts needed for day-to-day functions and prevent damage that would require costly replacements. For example, reducing internal stresses in metal parts before machining them can improve their strength and increase their durability, so they last longer and don’t break or wear out prematurely. This is why a solution like the SPIRA-FLOW vibrating spiral elevator from GK is ideal for this type of work.

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