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How a Notary Public Can Assist With Legal Business Transactions

A notary public is a person who as an impartial witness has to swear an oath of office to assist in the legalisation and recording of documents. He or she must certify that the original signature is actually that of the person who dictated or signed the documents or the person who acknowledged signing them. There are different types of notary services available in the UK and most of them are general practitioners. However, a notary Liverpool can also be a private individual acting under the authority of a solicitor. This is allowed in some specified circumstances such as when an individual is in danger or a real estate transaction is underway.

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Most of the documents that require a notary’s certificate do not need any legalisation to be valid. The basic legal requirement is for any document to have a valid title and be signed by a person whose legal rights are recognised. For example, deeds commissioning a property or a power of sale order must have the notary’s consent to act. It is not necessary for a document to have a legal value or validity to be valid in Liverpool, however if it can be proved that it is a duly authorized document it is valid in Liverpool. Any document that requires an oral declaration to be legally binding needs the legalisation of the notary and the name and address of the notary (apostille).

Many businesses and organisations prefer to deal with a notary public from overseas because they are familiar with the requirements and language of that country. They therefore benefit from the notary public being in another country and having the necessary certifications to carry out the transactions. The documents can then be processed immediately and the parties involved can get back to business as normal. For those companies and businesses that operate internationally there are now options for sending the documents to the notary public from abroad via certified copies.

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