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How to Become a Breathing Coach

breathing coach

A breathing coach is a person who teaches other people how to breathe properly. Breathing is a very powerful tool that can be used to increase productivity and improve overall health. In recent years, interest in breathing has been on the rise.

Breathing is a natural and safe way to help manage stress, improve concentration, and reduce anxiety. The techniques are also very simple to learn. You can learn them anywhere, from a yoga studio to your home.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a breathing coach, you should look into taking a course. Many instructors specialize in private coaching. They offer a flexible schedule and excellent pay.

Breathwork can be a stand alone method or you can combine it with other techniques. This allows for deeper healing and transformation. Often, a breathwork practitioner will charge between $20 and $30 for a private journey.

Celebrating the Benefits of Breathwork

If you have a healthy body and mind, you can develop your own breathing practice. Developing your practice will result in more energy and a deeper connection to your subtle levels of experience.

Taking a breathing course will allow you to coach others and to practice yourself. During the course, you’ll learn 20 essential breath practices.

If you decide to take a breathwork course, you’ll need to have a quiet area to work in. You’ll need to practice twice a day, incorporating daily reflective journaling.

Typically, it takes two weeks to complete the course. Students can earn a certificate after completing a minimum of 25 hours of practice.

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