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Medzilla Reviews Provident Metals

Medzilla reviews Provident Metals

If you are a collector of rare coins, then you will surely love Provident Metals. The site offers real-time prices and is protected by Veri-sign. It is possible to place an order on the website with all major credit cards. If you want to buy gold, silver, or platinum, you can trust Provident Metals because of their low prices and fast shipping. Read on to discover why. More info –

The Site Offers Real-time Prices

Medzilla reviews Provident Metals as a reputable dealer. Customers have lauded the quick response to their complaints and quick reshipping of orders. However, there have been other instances when they have failed to handle refund requests in a satisfactory way. One such instance involved the shipment of investment grade silver coins without a signature. Another complaint concerned the fact that coins were missing or had holes. Provident Metals has a strange policy regarding returns.

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