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Stair Lift Near Me – How to Find a Stair Lift That Meets Your Needs

stair lift near me

Stairlift near me  options vary, so deciding what model is best for your needs can be challenging. We recommend you start by reviewing our stair lift reviews and finding a few brands that have a good track record with satisfied customers. Next, find a local dealer that sells the brand you’re considering and speak with them about pricing and financing options. Stair lifts are typically considered durable medical equipment (DME), so certain Medicare waiver programs can cover part of the cost, and private insurance and loans may also be viable funding sources.

Most manufacturers distribute their products through a network of dealers that offer a complete buying experience, including in-home surveys and installation. However, a few manufacturers have direct sales channels where you can buy their product directly from them. In this case, you’ll need to provide a few measurements of your staircase and either use the manufacturer’s stairlift measuring service or purchase a DIY kit that includes all necessary parts and instructions.

Choosing the Right Stairlift Installer: Tips for a Seamless Installation

Some stair lifts are equipped with comfort features such as swivel seats and power footrests that allow you to safely stand and sit while using the chair. Other features can be upgraded, such as a diagnostic display that informs you of the status of your lift and helps you troubleshoot issues like a low battery or mechanical malfunction.

Unlike other manufacturers, the Bruno Elan stair lift doesn’t require rails to attach to your stairs, making it a space-saving option for narrow staircases. Its arms, seat, and footrest fold flat to create a compact, slim profile, leaving room for family members to travel up and down the stairs alongside you.

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