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Types of Office Desks

A desk is the hub of any office, where people spend much of their day working. As such, it is important to find a style that works for the individual’s needs and tastes, and to choose a durable design that will hold up to daily use in high traffic areas.

What is a desk in an office?

Office desk come in many styles, from simple writing desks with large surface area to L-shaped computer desks that combine storage space with a CPU tower. Modern designs may feature glass or chrome accents, while more traditional styles are offered in finishes like classic cherry and maple. The material chosen for the desk will affect how easy it is to clean and disinfect, how well it stands up to scratching and staining, and its overall longevity.

Wood is one of the most popular choices for office desks, and it can create a warm and traditional feel to any room. It is also durable, though it can be easily damaged by water or scratches. It can be refinished to restore its original beauty.

Another option for office desks is laminate, which is often made to be highly resistant to damage and to stand up well to repeated use. It is a great choice for shared spaces or for offices that see lots of foot traffic.

Other types of office desks include reception desks, which are designed to be the first thing visitors notice when entering an office. They are available in a range of attractive shapes, designs and colors to help give a good first impression.

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