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What Are the Different Types of Event Catering?

Event catering is a service offered by companies that specialize in providing menus for special events. It typically serves meals and beverages for a pre-arranged date and time at the venue of the event. The most common events caterers are hired for proms, weddings, balls, bachelor parties, corporate gatherings and holiday parties.

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What about tha Different Types of Event Catering

Eco caters are event catering companies that specialize in eco-friendly menus, although there are a small number of caterers that do not cater to eco-friendly events. The majority of eco-friendly caterers use local ingredients and produce, but there are a select few who do not. Eco-friendly meal options include vegetarian or vegan selections. Many of these caterers also offer organic products for purchase at the event.


Wedding catering is one of the most popular types of catering, as it allows for different types of people to have their own tastes and favorites. In order to create a truly unique wedding experience, every caterer offers custom designed menus and a diverse range of food choices. The majority of wedding catering companies offer a wide range of wedding catering packages that include pre-made meal choices and an assortment of different types of wedding buffet servers.

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